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Novembre 2019

Conférence de David Buckeridge, Faculté de Médecine, McGill University

A Population Health Perspective on Artificial Intelligence

There is great excitement about the potential for artificial intelligence to affect health. To date the Most Impressive applications of AI in health-have-been in clinical medicine, Such As the development of predictive models based are medical images. Applications of AI in health population, HOWEVER, Fewer-have-been. In this presentation, I will present a perspective is how AI can-have an impact is health population. I will begin by Describing health population, along with key considerations in population health Such As equity, and Identifying Opportunities AI. Through examples in clinical and community contexts, Then I Will Illustrate thesis Opportunities along with challenges to population Advancing health through the implementation of AI.

18 novembre 2019 - Conférence de Elie Bou Assi, Epilepsy Research Laboratory of Dr. Nguyen Dang K. (CHUM)

Artificial intelligence for better management of refractory epilepsy

Epilepsy is one of the most prevalent neurological diseases, affecting nearly one percent of the world population. Today, although more than two thirds of epilepsy patients respond adequately to drug treatments or be candidates for resection surgery, a significant proportion of epilepsy patients must live with persistent attacks, disabling and unpredictable. During my presentation, we will discuss how our team is exploring the use of signal processing techniques and artificial intelligence in order to improve the management of patients with refractory epilepsy.